About Us

Dutch Hollow Lake was developed from about 2500 acres of rolling hills and farmland by damming Dutch Hollow Creek about a mile before it joins the Baraboo River northwest of the Village of LaValle, Wisconsin. (Sauk County) 

Branigar Lake Properties of Wisconsin, the developer, began construction of the dam in 1970. The Lake, when full, impounds about 4000 acre-feet of water (a little over 1.3 billion gallons). The spillway controls the maximum water level at 960 feet above mean sea level. When at that level, the Lake surface area is a little over 200 acres, the shoreline is about 8.5 miles, and the maximum depth (near the dam) is about 45 feet. The Lake water is supplied by springs and the run-off from a small watershed of about 3072 acres (about 4.8 square miles). Most of this area is controlled by the Association. With no point sources of pollution, the Lake water is clean and clear.

After the initial stocking of fish varieties, the Lake fishery now is balanced and self maintaining, with northern pike, walleyed pike, large mouth bass, yellow perch, crappie, blue gill, and other sunfish.

The land area of Dutch Hollow Lake is shared between 1163 lots zoned for single-family residences and a "greenway" system of about 700 acres. The greenway system includes nearly two thirds of the shoreline, wooded areas, trails, a campground, and the clubhouse area (with tennis courts, picnic areas, swimming pool, beach, a beach house, lodge, marina, and boat storage area).

Dutch Hollow Lake has a bottom draw dam; water is taken from the bottom by a large tube and transferred downstream through a sluice gate inside of the dam. This allows cooler water for down stream fish and cattle. Water will never go over the spillway at Dutch Hollow as that spillway is only for emergency, in case of a possible flood-the opening is designed for 100-year flood stage.

Lot sizes are 1/2 acre and up.

Annual membership dues are mandatory.

The Association is governed by a nine member Board of Directors who are elected by the membership.

A full-time General Manager is hired by the Board of Directors to manage the day-to-day operations of the Association and its amenities. The support staff consists of an administrative assistant, maintenance crew, and seasonal positions such as snack shop employees, housekeepers, and lifeguards.

There are 300 plus homes and cottages presently built on Dutch Hollow Lake. There is an Architectural Control Committee for plan approval of all homes. The water quality of the Lake is super and fishing is excellent. Dutch Hollow has only two public access points for the public, one located by the dam in LaValle Township and one on the west side of the Lake in Woodland Township. The rest of the shoreline at Dutch Hollow Lake is private and owned by all the property owners.

E2670 Clubhouse Drive La Valle WI 53941 | 608-985-7294