Welcome to Dutch Hollow Lake

Experience the outdoors like you never have before  

Dutch Hollow Lake is a hidden gem developed for those who truly enjoy the beauty of the outdoors on a year round basis. With an amazingly clear and clean lake covering over 200 acres and close to 700 acres of "greenway" trail systems, Dutch Hollow offers something for everyone who enjoys taking advantage of all of Wisconsin's incredible seasons. 



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Year Round Family Fun

Something for all ages...Swimming, year round fishing, water skiing, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, camping, sledding, skating. 

700 Acres of Trails

Dutch Hollow has a "greenway" system of about 700 acres. The greenway includes nearly two thirds of the shoreline, wooded areas, and trails.

Amazing Fishing

Dutch Hollow Lake is well stocked with northern pike, walleyed pike, large mouth bass, yellow perch, crappie, blue gill, and other sunfish. 

Great Amenities

The clubhouse area offers tennis courts, picnic areas, swimming pool, beach, volley ball, and marina.

Something fun for everyone at the Hollow!

There are many activities available at Dutch Hollow Lake!

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Ice Winter Palace

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Wildlife at Dutch Hollow

The Color of Autumn

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Beach House in Winter

Beach House Winter Blues

Probably the only time this busy place gets some rest is during winter.
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Let's Play

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Dogs of Dutch

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Lake Shimmering

Lake Shimmering

Nothing like the beauty of Dutch Hollow! Photo courtesy of Kathleen Streich. 
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Happy 4th

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